what is a pbn?

PBN or private blog network is a group of blogs that are made to build links to the money site to rank on google.

Is PBN Safe to use

Yes, its safe when propery used. You shouldn't let google know that you are building links to your website and don't build too many links this will cause penalty.

How much pbn Links should i buy?

You should buy pbn links accoring to your keyword difficulty. Sometimes you can rank with just 10 backlinks and in other situation you will have to keep buying PBN backlinks for six months.

how do i purchase a PBN ?

You can buy it directly from pbn master because we are only good at doing this so we can build links for you in a professional way.

what kind of web hosting plan do i need?

It depends on what you need to rank the best thing is that some times you can get results in just a week or month.

Do PBN helps to rank?

Yes with enough amount of pbn links we can help you to rank on google but we can't promise you guareented results because ranking on google depends on many factors like on page seo and domain age with this two factors you can rank really easily and if we promise you that we will definately rank it would be lie like every other seo comapnies.

How to know which package should i buy?

you can contact us with your website link that you need to rank and we will sure help you to choose a package that suits for you.

purchased a package, now what do i do?

well you will have to wait 7 - 14 days for normal deliverly because building backlinks fast would make it look like its not natural so to make everything look natural we will build your links and surely make it index.

Don't use gmail, gsuite to create account

We are suggesting you not to create account with gmail or gsuite because we will send you the reports with the links in your email and if you didn't know google uses every data to rank website on the google serps. so never use google and if you use you will have a chance of penality and sandbox from google.

Which email do we suggest to signup?

we are personally suggesting protonmail.com or outlook.com this will be enough for you